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Tai Nghe Có Dây Huawei AM115 - Hàng Phân Phối Chính Hãng giá rẻ nhất tháng 4/2023

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So sánh các lựa chọn mua Tai Nghe Có Dây Huawei AM115 - Hàng Phân Phối Chính Hãng giá rẻ nhất tháng 4/2023

Tìm thấy 0 nơi bán khác, giá từ 9.223.372.036.854.775.808₫ - 0₫

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Key features

  • High-quality sound: multiple vent holes for a high-fidelity music and call experience. Rear air vents: better mid-range performance / air intake vent: enhanced bass output
  • Great acoustics:Comfier and more adaptable than other in-ear earphones thanks to their unique ergonomic design Rich, snappy bass for a soothing, mellow sound Clear, resonant mid-range rendering a textured timbre to vocals A textured high end which isn't too shrill. Good frequency response and balance for a high-fidelity listening experience
  • HiFi experience: the AM115 creates an all-encompassing HiFi experience with lush, crisp and enjoyable sound across the entire frequency range
  • Dynamic melody: a dual speaker box built-in earbuds to immerse the senses. These speakers have permanent magnets and a well-designed vibration system for powerful responsive sound reproduction
  • Comfortable ear feeling: the AM115 combines the merits of both in-ear and traditional earphones. Ear canal shape analysis helps to deliver an optimal shape for the earbuds, making for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Three-button control: responsive, easy-to-use three-button in-line control, you can answer or reject a call easily
  • Fashion appearance: PC material, simple, elegant and wear-resistant
  • Nice packaging: sleek, portable storage box. Say goodbye to tangled cables and protect your earphones"

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